The number of storage facilities in America has spiked significantly in the past decade. It had gone up from 47,000 in 2008 to 60,000 in 2020. There has been an average growth of 7.7% per annum since 2012.

However, many people refrain from renting a storage unit because of common misconceptions despite their growing popularity. Here we debunk six of the most prevalent misconceptions about storage facilities so you can avail of their benefits without any apprehensions.

Myth 1: Storage facilities are for hoarders and people in transition

It’s a widespread misconception that storage units are used only by people who move frequently or hoard stuff. In contrast, storage facilities are an easy and convenient way to store your seasonal and outdoor gear. They allow you to make more space in your home. You can even use a storage unit as a warehouse for your small business.

Myth 2: Storage units are expensive

A storage unit’s rent is determined by multiple factors such as the unit’s size, location, security level, climate control feature, and other additional features. You can always find one that fits your budget. Depending on how valuable the belongings you want to store are, a storage unit can be a cost-effective option.

Myth 3: Storage facilities are unsafe

All excellent storage facilities use high-level security measures like 24 x 7 monitoring, CCTV cameras, smart locks, security alarms, and round-the-clock manual surveillance to keep your valuables safe. They also offer insurance coverage to provide added protection against any loss.

Myth 4: Storage facilities require a long-term commitment

It is not true. Most storage facilities let you rent the units monthly, with no contract or obligations. You can opt for long-term contracts for a year or more as long as you keep up with the payments.

Myth 5: Climate control is unnecessary

Unless you live in an area with pleasant weather, year-round climate control for your belongings is necessary. Extreme temperature change and humidity can damage even robust-looking items like furniture and books. Although they demand a higher price, climate-controlled units can keep your fragile items in the best condition for extended periods.

Myth 6: Storage units are dirty

Hollywood is to be blamed for this popular misconception. Films show storage units as dirty and infested with rodents. However, in reality, storage facilities put in a lot of effort to keep their units and premises clean and pest-free. All professional facilities clean the units thoroughly before and after they rent them. They also ensure that customers don’t store perishables like food and plants for the long term as they can lead to pest and mold buildup.

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