When you finally commit to the college of your dreams, you finally look forward to moving into your new dorm. The transition from home to an unfamiliar campus can be much smoother if you have the right basic tips to help you along. Everyone knows that the key to a smooth transition for college is making the most out of your space. Before you make it to your new home away from home, purge anything you know you don’t need.

Empty Nesters

Parents, now that you have one less person living in your home, it may be time to transform this new space into your gym or office space. However, if your son or daughter left you with a little mess to clean up after they’ve left, no need to let that stop you! Even if you need a simple 6 x 6 unit to stockpile your child’s belongings, we can help you. This process may be emotional on both ends, but instead of getting rid of certain items, you can save them for a later date when you need them.

College Kids

Make the most of your space by stacking your items high rather than out wide. The reason for that is not only are you likely to share your room with someone else, but dorms are notoriously smaller than your average room. Of course, for any overflow of items you have, you can utilize nearby Miami storage space. The trick to maximizing your space is through storage, but that doesn’t mean it all needs to go into your dorm with you.

Xtra Storage

We have locations that are close to several universities, so we understand that when summer vacation comes around, you’ll need somewhere to dump all your stuff while you’re home. For long-term and temporary Miami storage options, reach out to one of our locations for more information. If you have any more questions or concerns about our services, we’d love to hear from you and resolve any issues you may have.