We often use storage units to hold onto things we can no longer keep at our home; these items could include property that you may hold as being valuable to you. When it comes to storing property outside of our house, we are testing our trust in another’s ability to safe hold onto our stuff. Here are some things to look for when trying to find out if you should use the storage locatioSecure unitn.

Security Features

Gated Access – An increasing amount of storage facilities have installed electronic-entry gates with unique passcodes or security cards to ensure they know precisely who’s entering the facility at all times.

Lighting – While all our storage units are indoors and well lit, a helpful hint is to bring a flashlight when you come to go through your belongings.  If you’re like us and you pile your belongings into your unit it will help to bring a flashlight to see inside boxes or the bottom back areas within your unit.

Alarm – The most effective way to protect a storage unit from theft is to find a storage unit that has an alarm system. Thankfully we have never had an issue with this, and our warehouse is a fortress.  Nevertheless, the building alarm prevents anyone from breaking into your unit, as an alarm will sound if they do.Secure lock on unit

Video Surveillance – While video surveillance is mostly used to review what went wrong after a burglary, the mere existence of surveillance cameras can deter some thieves.

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