There are several reasons why you would want to keep your belongings in Brickell storage, from making up more space in your house to relocating for an extended period. You may also want to choose a short-term or long-term option accordingly. While your valuables are safe in storage units, they would get damaged from other factors like dust and fluctuating temperatures if you choose a non-climate-controlled storage unit. Therefore, ensure to pack and organize your items in a way that offers them maximum protection.

Here we discuss five long-term storage tips when renting Brickell storage in Miami, Florida!

Tip #1- Make Sure Everything is Clean and Dry: Ensure everything is clean and dry. This is inarguably an important tip when placing your items in a storage unit for a long time. If your articles have dirt, grime, food particles, or any other remnant, they can attract pests. Not just that, they will move to nearby units and damage their articles too. Moreover, moisture in any form will give a suitable environment for mold and mildew to thrive, degrading your articles. So ensure that your items are completely dry if you have used a cleaner or water to clean them.

Tip #2- Do Not Use Plastic Containers: While plastic is widely used to keep things protected from various damaging factors, it can actually be a wrong decision for long-term storage. Especially if you do not rent air-conditioned storage in Miami, you should avoid using plastic containers and bags to store anything. They will trap moisture, leading to mold growth. They also block air circulation, so your valuables may degrade over time without breathing.

Tip #3- Label all the Boxes: Tagging your boxes before keeping them in a storage unit is an excellent practice to prevent sorting through each box and wasting time later. It is especially required when storing things for the long term. You will be able to quickly locate your item, no matter after how long you go in your storage unit. You should also write care and handling instructions on the labels.

Tip #4- Keep Your Furniture Covered: Dust can easily settle on wooden furniture and destroy its waxing over time. Make sure you carefully clean every nook and cranny, wax them again and cover every part nicely to avoid dust settling. You should also wax your leather furniture and cover them with a sheet.

Tip #5- Visit Your Storage Unit Often: While you planned on not visiting your unit at Brickell Xtra Storage Inc frequently, it is important to check up on your valuables regularly. You can address any issue in your stored articles and solve them before it worsens in this way.

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