A storage unit is a space that allows you to keep your stuff safe and secure on a short or long-term basis but away and out of your home or business. Most of the units are secure and located in a safe place and offer amenities like surveillance, alarms, air conditioning and more than keep your belongings protected and provide peace of mind. Humidity is one of the main factors that should be controlled in the storage unit to avoid any unwanted incidents.

How to Reduce Humidity in Storage Unit

Indoor moisture levels should be between 30 to 50%, however, when this limit is heightened, problems tend to occur, and anything inside will become susceptible to mold, mildew, corrosion, and rust. Constant dryness in the unit will help protect various stored items from damage. High temperature and humidity levels can crack or split wood and furniture. If you are saving things like books, clothing, sports equipment, photographs, and important documents, etc. climate control is an essential factor before storing your items.

humidity controlled storage Check Humidity Level

As mentioned, humidity levels should lie between 30% to 50%, and if the limit is crossed, many problems can occur for this reason need to check the humidity in storage unit regularly. Hire a professional to check the level of, but you can also do it by yourself. A hygrometer is a device to measuring the humidity level making sure the humidity level should be below than 50% to prevent moisture in the storage unit.

Leakage inspection

Before renting a storage unit, check it for any potential leaks, thoroughly inspect holes and cracks to prevent water from entering in the area. Even the small cracks put your belongings in risk, especially living in South Florida’s unpredictable weather and tropical climate.

Store Completely Dry Items

One damp item can ruin all the things in the container or storage unit, especially if exposed to moisture for long periods. Before storing valuables, make sure everything is completely dry with no traces of moisture. Although the storage unit may be susceptible to humidity, checking your items before committing to a storage space is crucial.

Xtra Storage Companies

Our facilities have air conditioning for thorough circulation throughout each floor and keeping our client’s items as comfortable as possible. With items ranging from office files to furniture and precious heirlooms, we know the importance of maintaining humidity at a minimum. For more information on our locations, please visit our homepage to see which one is closest to you!