Self-storage is a million-dollar industry, with most American citizens depending on it to safely keep their possessions. When you begin your search, you will get a pool of storage unit facilities around you with the most basic features. But while there are many self-storage units in Miami today, finding the one that suits your needs can be challenging. It is crucial to rent a storage unit in a reliable facility that understands that your possessions are valuable to you.

Here are six key qualities of a good storage facility you should look out for when considering one for yourself-

Key Quality #1- Has a Robust Security System: The first and most essential quality of a good storage facility would understand the value of your belongings. They should know you are storing your articles in the Aventura storage unit instead of selling them because you want them in your life and have sentimental or monetary values attached to them. While access gates, a 24-hour security team, and surveillance cameras are enough to give you peace of mind, a good facility will also have bright lights everywhere, password locks, and a maintained logbook.

Key Quality #2- Is Convenient to Reach: Distance is crucial to ensure you do not have to haul your items or drive for miles to reach your storage unit. Since some things you will store in your Brickell self-storage unit will be required in emergency times, your chosen facility should be conveniently accessible from your home. It will also be efficient as you will be saving your time and gas costs of driving to and fro.

Key Quality #3- Has a Variety of Options: A reliable self-storage facility understands that every customer has different needs. To match those requirements and provide the best customer service, they will offer many options to you. Some may be monthly payments, air-conditioned storage, different sizes of storage units, accessibility options, and delivery options.

Key Quality #4- Maintains a Clean and Sanitary Environment: It is crucial to have clean surroundings and campus for a facility. Kendall Xtra Storage ensures they have a maintained facility without any chance of pest infestation. Moreover, some items get damaged and perish in unclean environments, making customers leave your facility.

Key Quality #5- Provides Insurance Facilities: As mentioned above, a good storage facility will understand the value your stored belongings hold for you. They will provide insurance for items in case of any human or natural disasters like theft, fires, and flood. Some facilities only offer partial insurance, while some leave specific things out of their insurance policy. Always make sure your precious valuables are included in the agreement.

Key Quality #6- Has Reasonable Charges: Most storage facilities provide the same features to their renters, except for the reliability. You should be suspicious if a company asks you for too much or too little compared to other storage units in Miami.

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