We all have different reasons for collecting different things.  Whether we are a fan of the object, love what the item represents, or are intrigued with the scarcity of the item’s existence;  there are many reasons behind collections.  That being said many objects are obtained because the owner is considering selling them at a later date for a higher value. Whatever the case may be for collecting something people want to make sure it is kept in the best condition possible during storage. Here are some tips to make sure how to store collectibles in mint condition.

Collectible Coins

You want to make sure coins are secured in a locked container as to prevent potential loss of coins from a collection. The fastened container should still also be placed in a storage box.Collectable gold coin


The Earth’s natural weather patterns play havoc on stamps, and storing them in a weather controlled environment is one’s best bet. Collectible stamps weather best when they’re mounted on archival paper, protected by acid-free albums and stored away from light sources.

Baseball Cards

Utilizing a storage unit to hold onto a card collection is a very safe bet for these easily damaged items. Store vertically in a sleeved three-ringed binder. Make sure the folders are also situated vertically within cardboard boxes.

Comic books

The classic collectible item, many classic comic books have made their way too many a collection. Though as is the case with baseball cards, this is another item that is quite susceptible to the surrounding environment. Protect your investment by backing each issue with acid-free cardboard and slipping it into a polypropylene or mylar bag. Use hard-shell cases for valuable first editions, and store them in lidded plastic boxes. Keep your collection off the unit floor on shelving or wood pallets.

We also recommend protecting everything against water just in case. Stack of comic books

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