Most everyday items are susceptible to environmental damage when they are not being used regularly. Air-conditioned storage in Miami is the best option to preserve the original state of your prized belongings if you’re keeping them away from home. You may want to rent a storage unit because you have no space at your home for more articles or because you are shifting. Whatever the reason might be, making a well-informed decision will ensure your valuables do not suffer any damage.

Here are ten items that should be kept in climate-controlled storage in Miami.

#1- Leather and Wooden Furniture: Wood absorbs moisture when exposed to it for a long time. As a result, it warps, cracks, and rots. A similar thing can happen to wooden furniture in standard storage units, ruining those. Similarly, leather warps with temperature fluctuations and requires controlled storage weather. If you live in a place where the climate changes are extreme, you should rent air-conditioned public storage in Aventura to safeguard your items.

#2- Vinyl Records and VHS Tapes: Vinyl records need to be stored in a cool place, or heat would curl and warp them. It is preferred to store vinyl records at 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit and 45% to 50% humidity to keep them in the best shape. VHS tapes are also susceptible to mold and mildew growth when kept in hot and humid places.

#3- Electrical Appliances and Gadgets: Electrical appliances and gadgets have mechanical and electronic components that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Climate-controlled storage units are crucial to keep them in good condition.

#4- Collectibles: The whole point of collecting items goes to waste if you cannot keep them in their original shape. Air-conditioned storage units keep collectibles intact, whether they’re vintage coins, cards, or toys. Stamps will especially benefit from air-conditioned storage units as humidity and heat can destroy paper.

#5- Musical Instruments: Piano and other musical instruments are very delicate and have various complex components. You should rent air-conditioned storage in South Florida to store them.

#6- Fine Arts and Other Artworks: You need a specific temperature of 70 to 75 Fahrenheit and 50% humidity to maintain the quality of expensive art pieces, which an air-conditioned unit can easily provide.

#7- Certain Clothes: Clothes are very susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Heirloom clothes like wedding gowns and fur coats especially need an air-conditioned environment that you can get in the best storage in Miami.

#8- Documents: Paper is easily damaged by heat and humidity. If you are storing legal or other important documents in storage units, it is best to rent an air-conditioned one.

#9- Photos: Like paper documents, heat and humidity can expose your memorable photographs to mold and damage due to rot.

#10- Wines: Temperature fluctuations can rapidly change the taste of your fine wines by changing their chemical composition and aging them. Air-conditioned units are compulsory if you want to keep wines in a storage unit.

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