If you are on your journey to learn about every great wine, you must also be intrigued by the different ways each wine needs to be stored. Although the general rule of thumb for storing every wine is to keep them still, keep them in the dark, and keep them cool. However, when learning about specific ones like white, red, and sparkling wines, you will see quite different storage and serving conditions. And that minor distinction can be of major significance to the taste of the wine.

Here are a few factors to take care of to store white wine and extend its life-

#1- Temperature: White wines need to be stored at cooler temperatures of 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Red wines need a warmer cooling temperature between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you keep both red and white wines together, meeting at a middle ground of fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit will keep both efficient. Avoid temperatures lower than forty-five degrees and over seventy Fahrenheit to prevent altering the chemical composition of the wines.

#2- Storing Options: Various storage options are available in the market today, highly depending on your budget and space. You can opt from a cool dark basement in your house, wine refrigerators, wine cabinets, and wine cellars. In all these options, you have to keep the wine away from direct sunlight and fluorescent light, constant vibrations, at appropriate temperatures. You also need to remember to keep them sideways, touching the wine to the cork. Continuous contact of wine with the cork will keep it moist, preventing oxygen from saturating the liquid and spoiling it.

#3- Opened Bottle: Most wine drinkers pour a single glass at a time and store the rest in the refrigerator. While keeping it in the fridge will keep it okay for the next three to five days, depending on the wine, there are many more ways to store an opened wine. One principle you need to keep in mind while keeping an opened bottle of white wine is to keep the oxygen away. If the oxygen saturates into the wine, it can react with the liquid and change its chemical composition, taste, and odor.

  • You can try recorking the bottle with a new cork that fits tight.
  • You can also try emptying the remaining wine into a smaller bottle. Since there will be less air to liquid ratio in a small bottle as compared to a half-filled large bottle, your wine will be safe from oxygen.
  • You can also buy screw caps from a grocery store to shut your opened bottle.
  • Use air-removing tools available in the market to reseal and create a vacuum in an opened bottle. These gadgets are available in every price range, allowing you to buy according to your needs.
  • You can try an effective yet expensive option of inert gases like Argon. It creates a barrier between the wine and oxygen to keep them from interacting.

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