Photographs and crafts make a big part of our lives—they are a lot more than just things packed away in a box in your garage. They take you back in time to the people and places you shared those memories with. While today most people prefer to store their photos on cloud storage or hard disks, printed photographs have a different vibe altogether. However, they have a huge drawback; they take up a lot of room when stored. Most Americans rent storage units in Miami self storage to make space in their apartments and homes.

Here are a few tips on safely storing your photographs and craft in public storage in Miami!

Tip #1- Organize Everything: It is the best way to get started on your storing projects. Organizing keeps everything neat and provides you with more space. Arrange your photographs and crafts according to what fits your criteria best, whether you want to keep them by date, memory, person, place, or size. Make sure you handle both photos and crafts carefully. It is advised to wear cotton gloves when handling photographs to avoid damaging their printed side.

Tip #2- Pack them Correctly: It is best to choose acid-free items to keep your pictures in, whether an album or envelope. Standard paper has small amounts of acid that can degrade the photos over time. The same goes for storing crafts in storage companies in Miami. You can place temporary shelves in your storage unit if there are not plenty already. Remove drawers and doors and replace them with bins and baskets to keep your crafts and crafting items in organized fashion. Other supplies you can use are-

  • Sturdy boxes with lids
  • Ziplock bags
  • Picture frames
  • File folders
  • Silica gel moisture absorber

Tip #3- Turn the Lights Off: Light can damage the prints on photos and fade them over an extended period of time. Make sure you shut the containers tight with pictures and keep the lights out of your self storage in Miami.

Tip #4- Keep the Containers Above the Ground: While it is best to keep all your containers off the ground, it is especially essential for ones with photographs and crafts. Place the boxes on a sturdy table or shelf, and remember not to pile anything on top of them. Keep them at a higher level to prevent damaging them from ground moisture and getting crushed under the weight of anything placed on top.

Tip #5- Rent a Climate-Controlled Unit: Dust, heat, and humidity can damage the print in photos and adhesive in crafts over time. Renting climate-controlled Miami storage will keep them safe for many years.

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