Whether your passion is baseball cards, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, or something else, chances are you’ve amassed a sizable collection of cards. When you need to store your card collection for an extended period of time, you need to do it the right way.

Xtra Storage is here to help. Below, we’re going to run down the easy process of how to store collectible trading cards safely in one of our Brickell storage units.

What Harms Trading Cards?

Trading cards are generally made of a paper-thin cardboard material. This means they are very vulnerable to tearing, creasing, or even splitting apart. Moisture can also very quickly warp or discolor areas of the card. It’s also possible for excess light to cause fading, but this isn’t an issue in dark storage units.

Understanding what causes damage is the first step in battling the effects. Now that we know what to look for, let’s take a look at what we can do to help.

How to Store Collectible Trading Cards in Your Brickell Storage Unit

Always Sleeve Your Trading Card Collections

There is no shorter of card holders on the market. All of your valuable cards should always be placed in a sleeve and top loader immediately. If you’re looking to go inexpensive route, penny sleeves are widely available and provide a basic level of protection.

However, brands like Ultra Pro or Dragon Shields provide a bit more heavy-duty sleeving options. You can also purchase side-loading sleeves, which are a perfect fit to allow for an additional, regular sleeve to go over top. Double sleeving the cards covers it from every side and prevents any external elements from touching the card.

Finally, the top loader is a hard, plastic sleeve that will compress the card and prevent it from warping. The hard layer also protects it from any accidental dings.

Get an Appropriate Box for Trading Card Storage in Brickell

The same stores that sell card sleeves will usually sell storage boxes for card collections. Keep in mind, however, that these boxes will hold less than the advertised amount when your cards are sleeved. You also might need to make alterations to fit cards with top loaders.

Boxes, however, are more effective for long-term storage than binder options. Binders are great for sharing and frequent viewing. However, you can’t store cards with top loaders in binder sleeves. This leaves the cards more open to damage from the elements. It’s better to store cards in your Brickell storage unit in boxes.

You can also toss in silica packets to help soak up any additional moisture that the box is exposed to while in storage.

What to Look for in a Storage Unit for Cards

When it comes to the storage unit itself, you’ll want to be on the lookout for any risk factors mentioned before. First and foremost, you’ll want a storage unit that’s climate controlled and free of excess humidity. This will, without a doubt, destroy your card collection over an extended period of time.

You’ll also want a storage unit that’s safe and secure. Many people might not know it, but you know that your trading card collection has tremendous monetary value. Once cards are stolen, thieves will tend to sell them off at different hobby shops as quickly as possible. You need to be assured that your collection is in safe hands.

Store Your Collection with Xtra Storage in Brickell, FL

Fortunately, Xtra Storage is your one-stop storage solution for all things collectible. We’ve assisted the Brickell community for over 30 years with our air-conditioned and secure storage facility. We’re easily accessible from Downtown Miami and Little Havana, and feature over 75 different unit sizes.

To get a storage solution that’s right for you and your card collection, give our Brickell location a call at (305)-257-9307.