out of state student packingMoving back home after graduation can be an extensive process. Whether it’s across the country of a few hours away, having a storage company that is reliable and experienced will make the transition that much smoother. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re ready to make the trip back home before you venture off into your chosen career and the rest of your life. Xtra Storage Companies

At-School Guidelines

It’s the end of May, classes are over, and summer is creeping up on you. After you’ve had your graduation and said your goodbyes, it’s time to say hello again to your childhood bedroom that is so familiar. Before you make the trek, consider what you should and shouldn’t pack up.

Throw out any of the items that you know aren’t necessary to take back home like food, dorm decorations, or bathroom amenities. Belongings like electronics, kitchenware, and furniture that you need to keep safe until you find a place of your own should be kept inside an offsite storage facility, so you don’t clutter your home. If you have items that need to be cared for carefully, we have air-conditioned spaces.

At-Home Prep

Your family might have turned your old room into an office or a guest room, or even a gym if it fancied them. Whatever the case may be, that room has taken on a new purpose, and those items need a place to reside for a possibly extended period until your new college graduate tackles the real world.

Find a storage company nearby that is reputable and experienced enough to take on your bulk items for a short or long length of time in one of our varied size units. We offer no long-term commitment, so if by the end of the summer, your graduate has a new location to take all of your items, contact us, and we’ll move along accordingly.

Xtra Storage Companies

fresh startIf you’re making the transition from school back home, allow us to keep your items safe and easily accessible whenever you need them. We want to be your next phone call for all of your Miami storage needs. We will help you stay as organized as possible by providing boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and locks. Let us know if you have any more questions about the next step in your storage process.