Your needs for self-storage in Miami may be short-term or long-term, but before you rent a unit, you need to consider a few things. They include the term, features, and size of your unit. The size matters because if you rent a smaller unit than your requirements, you will have trouble finding space to store your items, and it will be difficult for you to reach something placed far behind. At the same time, if you rent a large unit, you will be paying extra money. Not to mention both can be magnets to pests.

Seeing the significance of picking the right Miami storage unit size for your needs, here we have a few tips to pick the right storage unit size for you!

#1- Determine Your Requirements: The first step to choosing a suitable storage unit size is knowing how many items you have. Go through your house and collect everything that you want to store away. You will also get an excellent opportunity to throw and donate items you no longer require.

#2-Pack Everything: Once you have collected everything you want to place in the Miami self-storage, you can pack them in suitable cartons. Packing before measuring the size requirements is better as household items are usually irregularly shaped while cartons have straight edges. You can then simply count the number of boxes and multiply them to calculate the size requirements. Make sure not to fill the cartons to the top and leave some space for newspaper or packing beans that act as shock absorbers.

#3- Calculate the Square Footage Required: When everything is packed, measure the largest items, which can be a piece of furniture or camping accessories. Then count the number of large, medium, and small items. Multiply and add them to get a rough idea about your self-storage in Miami size requirements from this calculation.

#4- Compare Your Self-Storage Unit Options: The demand for public storage in Miami has now increased because of all the above-stated reasons. Therefore, you can find a storage facility on every corner. Choosing a suitable storage facility and unit is crucial to ensure your items are safe and you are not overpaying. Consider the size requirement calculation from above and rent a storage unit one size larger. Most storage facilities will advise renting a larger unit for long-term storage needs because you can add more items to the unit later.

Choosing a Storage Facility-

Security comes at the top of priorities when looking for a storage unit. But there are many other things to consider. Choose a storage facility that is closest to you but compare it with others to see if they’re charging you a fair price. You should also consider climate-controlled or air-conditioned storage units, which are much better for preserving your items for a long time.

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