There is nothing better than having your own wine collection designed to your preferences. Many enthusiasts build wine cellars to efficiently store their wines until they are ready to be poured. Wines are especially preferred to keep because they can be aged to your taste by controlling the ideal conditions like temperature and humidity. A wine cellar can ensure you get the perfect pour every time. Learning about how to create one is beneficial if you are considering building a wine cellar in your home.

Here is how you can create the perfect wine cellar in your home-

Why You Want a Wine Cellar?

Understanding what you expect from your wine cellar will help you create the cellar you are envisioning. Do you want a cellar that is just an aesthetic element in your home, or do you want it to be functional to store your collection? Do you want it to be exhibited as your home’s focal center, or do you want it to be a secret stash hidden safely? Do you collect only a single type of wine, or do you have preferences for various occasions? The build and design of your wine cellar will depend on your collection.

Considerations to Make When Creating a Wine Cellar in Home-

  • Location: Cool areas with some humidity are the perfect locations to build a wine cellar. If you have a basement, you should set your wine cellar there as they provide excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations and remain undisturbed. However, it is imperative that there is good ventilation. If you have a small apartment where finding a designated spot may be difficult, you can look for small wine cellars to fit in your kitchen.
  • Size: You can build your wine cellar as grand as you want. The location and your requirements will majorly determine the size of your wine cellar. If you like collecting many types of wine, it is best to choose a design that can shelve the various kinds.
  • Use: Wines bottles are available in different sizes and designs. Your wine cellar should be able to accommodate them such that picking out one will not disturb the others.
  • Renovations needed: Considering the various structural changes your chosen spot will require is also critical. You may need to put up new drywall, wall studs, appropriate insulations, and cooling units to provide your beloved collection with the ideal conditions. If wine cellar addition is a major project, so make sure you calculate your budget before heading for it.
  • Customizations: Wine cellars can be built according to your wishes. For instance, you can choose from a variety of materials to be used for the walls, like concrete and glass. If you use glass, ensure that it is double-glazed or has an argon-filled element to insulate properly. In concrete, add a drywall or plywood cover to add insulation.

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