If you have a hoarder in your life – or if you’re worried about your own hoarding problem – a storage unit may seem like the last thing you need. After all, don’t storage units just exacerbate the problem? Don’t they enable you to keep stuff you don’t need?

The answer is: no. Storage units can help hoarders by lessening the negative effects of hoarding, but they can also make your hoarder more conscious of their current mindset.

Helping Alleviate the Symptoms of Hoarding

What’s the main problem with hoarding? It leads you to have a messy house where you can’t find anything that you want. Storage units alleviate this problem in two different ways.

One: they allow you to keep some of your belongings outside your home. This automatically makes your house less messy because you have more room to organize everything.

Two: they make it easier to find what you need. Aside from the fact that storage units are generally better organized than a hoarder’s home, taking some of your belongings off-site allows you to keep your most important items in easily accessible areas.

Helping Hoarders Keep Track of Their Habits

It’s easy to get used to something you’re living with. But if you’re buying property outside to store your stuff, you’re going to have a better idea how much stuff you have. Getting a storage unit is perfectly normal. But once you start needing multiple storage units, you’re given a financial incentive to begin cleaning and throwing stuff away.

Essentially, storage units put a price on your hoarding. If there are certain things you aren’t willing to go without, you then have to pay to keep them. This reorients your priorities, encouraging you to clean out the junk and keep your most treasured items.

Need a Storage Unit?

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