Are you someone who still hasn’t taken down your holiday decorations?

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to pack everything away as we say goodbye to the holidays and hello to a new year. We know it’s sad to see the holidays go, but we’re here to provide tips for storing holiday decorations for next year.

Here are some useful suggestions to properly store your belongings in one of our Kendall storage units.

Storing Holiday Ornaments in Kendall

Holiday ornaments are likely one of the most delicate items you need to store each year. Not only are you responsible for safely handling glass bulbs, but chances are you have some old, heirloom ornaments that you don’t want to risk breaking.

Many manufacturers offer specially made ornament boxes designed to hold and protect your delicate goods. However, there are several alternatives if you’re on a budget. You can store ornaments in any plastic, clear container. You’ll need to wrap your ornaments with sufficient packing paper, and delicately stack them inside. Towels can also add a nice layer of cushion.

Another popular DIY option is to store delicate bulbs inside of egg cartons. They’re already divided into sections and the cardboard provides decent-enough protection.

Storing Christmas Lights

Anything with wires can quickly become a tangled mess if you don’t take care to organize and store them properly. A popular, effective way to store your lights is by wrapping them neatly around a small piece of cardboard. Slowly work them around from one end to the other. You can also use the cardboard to make notes on where they’re used and where the strand begins.

Finally, wrap the finished piece up in some tissue paper to help protect the bulbs from breaking while in storage.

Storing Artificial Trees in Kendall

To effectively store your holiday tree, you’ll need to “de-fluff” the branches and fold them back in. Work your way down the tree from top to bottom, and carefully work branches in as close as you can to the trunk without damaging anything. When you’re finished, place the tree back in its bag and zip it up for storage.

If you don’t have a bag for your tree, wrapping it tightly in shrink wrap is an effective way to compress it and keep it safe for storage.

Store Wrapping Paper in Plastic Containers

Wrapping paper is highly susceptible to moisture and external elements. A quick and easy solution is to purchase a tall container to house your gift wrap. Keeping your wrapping paper close by in a plastic bin gives you year-round access whenever you need it. Alternatively, you can store your wrapping paper at home with your other wrapping paper, so long as it doesn’t take up additional space.

Store Your Holiday Items with Xtra Storage in Kendall

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