It’s that time of year to start heading down to your nearest storage facility and take out all of your holiday decorations! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. there are storage facilities with different size units that accommodate any number of belongings. There’s something so beautiful and festive about decorating the interior and exterior of your home. With that being said, consider utilizing the professional help of Xtra Storage when it comes time to pack up, unload, or browse through your holiday items.

What to Do Before the Holidays Start

If you’re an avid decorator, then your most likely have a ton of items in your storage unit waiting to be busted out and put on display. Whenever visiting your unit, be sure to organize all of your belongings, so the most important stuff is easily identified. Gather any extra items that may have collected within your home, and put them inside your unit. Substituting your holiday items with your household items will allow for more space within your home to embellish.

Units for Items of Any Size

For the borderline obsessive decorators that adorn their home with 17 blow up lawn ornaments, 40 different types of lighting, and twice that on the inside, you’re going to need a large unit – maybe even more than one. We provide storage solutions for people that have just about everything you can think of to store. From wine and art to office files and miscellaneous things, we’ve got your back.

At Xtra Storage, we have over 100 different storage size units that not only offer great size in length and width but also in height. You can stack multiple boxes high, possibly even above your head is it pleases you. That means your fake Christmas tree that you can’t quite fit back into the box has a place to call home until next year.

Xtra Storage Companies

The holidays are a special time to get together with family and enjoy spending time with everyone. Although not everyone celebrated the holidays that come around this time of year, self-storage never goes out of style. At Xtra Storage, we value the need for units of every size and shape to cater to various clients. If you’re in need of a storage unit that you can’t find anywhere else, please give us a call today.