People often rent a self-storage unit only to find it unsuitable for their requirements. They wish they had done better research. Whether you have had many storage units in your life or you are a new player, you still need to verify everything about the features of the facility you are choosing. Apart from the cost of a self-storage facility, there are many factors you should take care of before deciding on one.

Consider these few factors when choosing a storage unit-

Your Requirements: Before getting a storage unit, understand what your needs are. The requirements include accessibility, 24-hour service, convenience, size, and protection from mold and other pest infestations. Moreover, depending on what you are going to store in the units, you should also consider climate-controlled units. Every person has different requirements, and the ideal self-storage facility for you will be the one that suits all your needs.
Security: The items you will keep in the storage units have some value to you, and that is why you are storing them. Whether you store goods, articles of sentimental value, or arts with commercial value, they all need to be kept safe. Ensure that the facility you choose does not have a prior history of burglary. Moreover, check how they deal with any kind of threat to the facility. Check for the security equipment used like live surveillance cameras throughout the campus, including outside and interiors, security access, preferably an electronic locking system, and proper lighting throughout the facility. If you are storing high-value items like art, you should ask the facility manager to provide you highly protected units.
Distance from Your Place: The distance between the storage facility and your place affects your decision too. It is preferable to choose a facility that is closer to your house. It provides you the convenience of going in and getting your items whenever you need them without having to travel long distances. It will also save you time.
Chain or Local Facility: Most people prefer going for chain-owned or national self-storage facilities. They have fixed policies and proper protocols supported by the corporate to handle everything. However, going for a corporate-managed storage facility is not always the best option. Local or family-owned smaller storage facilities provide more features, are affordable, and can be more suitable for you than chain storage facilities. They are also much more flexible about your accessing timings.
Self-Service or Full-Service Storage: Depending on your accessibility requirements, you can opt between self-service and full-service storage. The primary difference between the two is that you can directly walk into the facility to access the self-service storage unit and follow the procedure of getting to your unit. In contrast, you need to inform the full-service facility in advance about your arrival or ask them to deliver your items to and from your home.

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