Customers look for storage to be trustworthy and reputable enough to keep their belongings safe and easily accessible. For wine connoisseurs from all over the world, the process is no different. As if you’re a member of a private club, the wine storage access at Xtra Storage is exclusive and unlike any other.

Unique Aspects

  • Storage Space – Each shelving space within the vault holds a maximum of 12 bottles of wine and vary in price from highest to lowest depending on accessibility. Each case is kept at an outstanding 57˚F with 65% humidity, allotting a pristine environment for each one to age beautifully.
  • Appointment Only – Before any client is allowed to have access within the vault, they must call ahead of time (at least one hour) and make an appointment. When they call, the bottle and box they need will be noted, so the employee retrieving the wine will know how difficult or easy it is to withdraw the container from the unit.
  • Escort Service – If the client wants to see their stored bottles to make a selection, they will be escorted by an employee from start to finish. It may seem like this feature is extraneous, but it is because we store the finest wine in the world.
  • Security – Each vault has an individual lock on the door that’s only accessible from senior employees. The vaults are monitored by cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week and also accompanied by an alarm system for optimum security. Clients should consider contacting their insurance companies if they wish to apply insurance to their storage.
  • Expertise – Whenever we hire a new employee, they’re not easily able to work within this section of our facility. Each staff member needs extensive training on what each appointment entails, and how to properly store and withdraw each case and bottle.
  • Wine bottles on a tableBack-up Power – Each vault has separate air conditioning units that are powered by gas linked to the cities gas line protecting the contents during hurricane season and blackouts from other severe weathering. Aside from that advantage, we also have the units connected separately in case one goes out; the other is still in working condition.

Xtra Storage Company

Our facility has been featured in various local magazines, the Wall Street Journal, and a segment on 60 minutes. Collectors of all expertise, experience, and social status come to our facility to store thousands of bottles with us. Our reputation puts us above the competition giving future clients peace of mind when they choose to store with us. Check out our video about our wine storage today to learn more!