Sometimes, we need extra storage space for an extended period, maybe a year or more. The reasons can vary, from moving to a new place for a job or higher education or shifting to a new, smaller home. Whatever the reason may be, keeping your extra stuff in a long-term storage unit is a great option.

Therefore, here we share six essential tips for when you’re stowing away your belongings in a long-term storage unit.

Do some homework

Consider your needs before deciding what to do with your belongings. You should treat every item differently; some things like furniture and electronic devices need extra care and climate-controlled conditions to stay in good shape when stored for a long time. Pre-planning will also help you estimate how much space you will need to keep your stuff and rent a storage unit accordingly.

Pack and stack properly

When you store your household stuff for a long time, you must use high-quality boxes and packaging materials. Stack your boxes neatly, and do not keep them directly on the floor. It will protect them from extreme weather, rust, corrosion, and discoloration. Label the boxes and list every package’s contents. It will save you a lot of time, effort, and inconvenience and help you handle fragile items with care.

Rent a climate-controlled unit for delicate items

Climate-controlled storage units are sealed and have cleaner air, ideal for fragile items such as fur and silk clothing, wooden furniture, musical instruments, and electronics. In such facilities, there is minimal risk of damage. But several other things like vehicles, books, and cutleries can survive even if you don’t opt for a climate-controlled or humidity-controlled unit.

Purchase travel and storage insurance

Storing valuable items comes with several risks. So, even if you choose a storage facility with adequate protection, it is best to take travel and storage insurance covering transit and storage risks for a premium. It will protect you against a financial loss if your belongings get damaged because of extreme climate, vandalism, or fire.

Appoint someone for regular inspections

It’s better to appoint a person to inspect the warehouse once in a while in your absence. They can be your friend or family member. You should also add them as an emergency contact, so the storage facility has someone to reach out to if you’re unavailable.

Set up auto-payment

With renting services like long-term storage, we often forget to make payments on time. If you don’t, the warehouse may sell or remove your items from the storage unit. Therefore, it is better to pay your rent through auto-pay methods. That way, even if you forget, your belongings will still be safe.

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