Wine collectors are very keen on keeping their collection safe and for long. While some like to exhibit it, others want to keep it hidden in the basements. Wine racks are an excellent way to meet any requirement you may have for your collection when you cannot afford a wine cellar due to a lack of finances or space. An even better option is for you to make your own wine rack and convert it into a conversation starter while you and your company are tasting these delicacies.

Let us look at some DIY wine racks anyone can make-

DIY #1- Wooden Crate Wine Rack: You can find used wooden crates in most craft stores at a very low price. All you need to do is make an X or Y using wooden separations to make your shelves. Once dried, you can paint it according to your existing decor.

DIY #2- Handmade Wine Rack: If you have the basic garage supplies, you can easily build your own wooden wine rack and customize it in any style you like. You can also anchor it to the wall to make functional wall art.

DIY #3- Upcycle an Existing Furniture: If you have a cabinet or chest of drawers that you no longer use, you can upcycle it into a standing wine rack. Simply remove the drawers and add separators to make cubicles. Arrange your wine bottles in the shelves and keep glasses in the chest.

DIY #4- Table Top Wine Rack: People that don’t have a wall or room space but still want a wine rack can opt for a tabletop wine rack. Make sure the table is not disturbed a lot, as vibrations can alter the chemical components of wine and destroy its taste. To make a tabletop wine rack, simply cut bottle-sized circular holes in a hollow cuboidal stand.

DIY #5- Construct a Wine Cabinet: Floor cabinets are quick and easy to make and are very spacious. If you have enough room to keep a closet, they can be a great choice. Apart from your wine collection, you can also store glasses and other cutlery that goes with wine tasting in the cabinet.

DIY #6- Manila Rope Wine Rack: Another easy and quick DIY wine rack can be made with rope and a wooden plank with a hot glue gun. You can use any string but choose one that does not lose its shape over time. Make loops with a rope into the wood to hold bottles.

DIY #7- Counter-Top Wine Rack: If you do not want to do hard work but still want a wine rack with modern looks, you can make this simple wine rack. Simply drill spikes at correct distances in the wooden plank. Make sure you lean the stand against a wall at a certain angle such that it is secure.

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