People rent storage units for several reasons. Although you will do thorough research for the security of your valuables before choosing your self-storage. Aventura self-storage offers all the security features like a 24-hour operational CCTV camera, secured entry, a guarded campus, a well-lit facility, and much more. We also recommend our renters to get a self-storage unit which can be highly beneficial in case of accidents. These are an excellent way to provide an extra safety shield to your valuables from unintended damages.

Let us look at seven compelling benefits of self-storage insurance to ensure the security of your possessions-

Benefit #1- Insurance Protects Your Valuables from Fires: Most self-storage buildings are made of collapsable material which can easily catch fires. While no one wants to imagine their rented storage in Aventura burning down to ashes, you cannot really control when and where accidents happen. Fires in a self-storage unit are challenging to manage. Most self-storage units don’t have fire detectors or suppression systems installed. To make the case worse, most people keep documents, books, clothes, and other flammable items in their units. Further, even if the fire does not reach your unit, the fumes can, damaging your valuables. Self-storage insurance in such a case would be a blessing.

Benefit #2- Protects You from Burglary: Everyone completes research on their part for the security features of their public storage in Aventura. However, one can never be confident about the safety, and breaking in into self-storage units is an achievable mark for many thieves. Self-storage insurance covers stolen items.

Benefit #3- Protects You from Vandalism: It is unlikely to think of a storage unit becoming the target of a vandalism crime, but it’s always better to be on the safe side. If someone reaches your unit door with bolt cutters and a hammer, you should get self-storage insurance covering losses during vandalism.

Benefit #4- Protects You from Storm Damage: Storms can be severely damaging. While most units are protected from storms, they are always unpredictable. Insurance can keep your possessions safe from natural disasters.

Benefit #5- Protects You from Pest Infestation Damage: A pest infestation is a serious problem and can damage your stored items irreversibly. Whether the damage is from mold or mouse, insurance will cover them and return your money.

Benefit #6- Protects You from Civil Riots and Commotion: Civil commotion and riots are not frequent. But they can get out of control at times. Since most storage companies in Miami are established in industrial areas with little or no police presence, it is easy to get in and out of them after the commotion. Insurance will protect your valuables from such chaos.

Benefit #7- Protects You from Water Damage: Most areas in Miami face water damage during the floods. If your storage in Kendall is in such a place, your insurance will cover the damages.

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