If you find yourself buried in numerous possessions and find yourself lacking the space for them, it’s time to consider the value of renting a storage unit with Xtra Storage in the Plantation area. You might be a collector, experiencing a change in the size of your current living space, or have a hard time saying farewell to old belongings. Nonetheless, you’ve found yourself with a collection of items and unsure if storage is the right solution or what is safe to put away. Here is a list of some of the most common items found in storage units and if they are something you should consider packing away.


Likely the most popular group of items to keep stored away is household furniture primarily due to its size and tendency to take up space you might not have. However, it is more than understandable that one might not wish to get rid of a couch or an armoire, for example, as furniture can be quite costly. Your current living situation might dictate that you need to find it a new home for now, and so many individuals turn to the best storage in Miami.

Arrange furniture in the unit as you would in your home to avoid any unnecessary damages to the fabric or legs. If possible, take apart things like wooden furniture to maximize space efficiency in the unit.


For similar reasons as furniture, appliances are frequently stored due to their size and cost to replace. Items such as refrigerators, standing freezers, and microwaves are all candidates for caching away. There’s no sense in throwing away perfectly good-looking and functional devices unnecessarily. Keep them in the storage bay until the occasion calls for it or living space provides for it.


Should life grant you circumstances in which your vehicle is unnecessary for an extended duration, locking it away is once again an option. Examples are college students who opt to stay on campus for the semester, families going out of the country on extended vacations, or individuals who unfortunately lack parking space for the time being. Thoroughly clean and wax your car to prevent corrosion, rodents, and other damages and wear.

Holiday Decorations

Notoriously meant for storage, every family owns those long, hard-shelled crates meant for storing lights, Christmas bulbs, yard signs, trees, and everything else that otherwise takes up entirely too much space outside of the holidays. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up shortly, take inventory of all the decorations used and consider organizing them and keeping them away in storage.

Wrap all breakable and glass bulbs in cloth, neatly wrap string lights, preferably around a tube or cylinder, and keep all boxes well-padded. Many of your holiday decorations are susceptible to breakage if not packed away safely.

CD’s, Movies, and Books

One thing that many of us all quickly amass too much of is physical media. Whether you casually consume or actively collect, it’s easy to find your entertainment stands and bookshelves overflowing with content that is no longer effectively stored in your home.

Keep all of your media in the cases in which they are purchased. They are designed to house and protect it. Additionally, keep media sealed in bags, if possible, to help combat potential moisture accumulation. Books should be stacked flat in boxes to avoid the breaking and tearing of spines.

Safe Storage Units in Plantation

If you find yourself facing a dilemma as to where to keep any of the products mentioned above, rest assured that numerous individuals safely keep said belongings in storage every day with Xtra Storage Companies at our Plantation location. We can be found right across the street from the Social Security Administration. Take care to follow some of the recommended tips as well as follow through with any additional research to protect any more unusual items whose storage would cause concern. Contact us today for all your storage needs!