Many people rent air-conditioned storage South in Florida to ensure that their valuable items stay safe and protected from the various environmental and biological elements. However, you may want to learn about another kind of storage unit- climate-controlled. While air-conditioned and climate-controlled are often interchanged, the two are quite different. Air-conditioned storage units do come under the category of climate-controlled, but there is a lot more to the latter that can keep your belongings intact for longer.

Let us see what are the differences between climate-controlled and air-conditioned storage in Miami

What are Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

Climate-controlled units are excellent for storing items that can get damaged due to increased humidity. Humid conditions and moisture attract common pests like rodents and roaches. The entire system of climate-controlled storage units keeps the unit dry, keeping the risks of rotting, molding, and mildew infestations at bay. Thus, climate-controlled storage units at the best storage in Miami provide a safe storage option for your items. You should let the manager of your chosen storage facility know how much humidity your stored items will require. Each storage unit can have different humidity levels, allowing every client to keep their valuables at a different humidity percentage.

What are Air-Conditioned Storage Units?

Air-conditioned storage units are the optimum choice for items that can get damaged due to fluctuating temperatures. Too high or too low temperatures can badly affect the original texture and shape of many materials, rendering them useless. Many places also experience temperature fluctuations throughout the day, with scorching daytime and freezing nights. If you live in such areas where seasonal or daily temperature fluxes are extreme, you should rent an air-conditioned storage unit. However, make sure you inform the manager at public storage, Aventura, about your inventory. They will help you determine the optimum temperature for your stored articles to avoid any damage. You can also ask them to set a temperature you know will preserve your items. Since each storage unit can have a different temperature, they will set yours according to your needs.

What are the Differences Between Climate-Controlled and Air-Conditioned Storage Units?

  • Humidity: The first significant difference between air-conditioned and climate-controlled storage units is humidity control. The latter provides a constant humidity level to the stored items set according to you.
  • Temperature: While you can set the temperatures in both climate-controlled and air-conditioned storage units, the latter is more efficient in the task. Most climate-controlled units provide adequate protection against the temperature fluctuations to items in storage in Miami. But they fail when the outside temperatures rise above a certain level. On the other hand, air-conditioned storage units offer an internal temperature that can be as low as twenty degrees below the outside temperature. This means if you have articles that majorly require protection from heat, an air-conditioned storage unit is better for you than a climate-controlled.

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