We all have a point in our life when we have more stuff than we can keep in our home. Still, we don’t want to part with it or give it away. That’s when storage units come in handy.

After you decide that you need a storage unit, the next question that pops up is: does it have to be climate-controlled? The answer depends on the items you want to store. People usually use AC storage units to store valuables that can be damaged when exposed to harsh weather.

Old books, wooden furniture, fur and silk clothing, musical instruments, antique art, and paintings are a few examples of such items. Most of them get damaged when exposed to water and harsh sunlight, so people prefer to store them in an air-conditioned storage unit.

Here, we discuss five significant benefits of storing your valuables in an AC storage facility.

Protection against extreme temperatures

There are many regions where extreme weather prevails. In these areas, the temperature can reach up to 100° F in summer and go below the freezing point during winter. Fragile items may crack, rust, or shrink when temperatures fluctuate. Therefore, it is best to store them in a place with a stable temperature of 80-90° F.

Good air equality

Apart from maintaining the temperature, climate-controlled units have good air quality essential for vinyl records and electronic equipment. They need fresh air to remain in excellent condition.

Protection against dust and debris

Since traditional storage units are not airtight or sealed, they expose your items to dust and debris. Meanwhile, climate-controlled units are airtight and have insulated roofs for walls and floors, preventing dust from entering and damaging your valuables. In such units, you will find your belongings as you left them even after a decade.

Your peace of mind is worth the extra money

People refrain from using climate-controlled units as they cost more. But what they don’t realize is that it will cost them a lot more money to repair their valuable items that will get damaged over time in traditional storage units. Some valuable vintage items such as paintings, artwork, and vinyl records won’t even survive, and you may lose your precious collectibles forever.

You can also opt for humidity control

Some storage facilities are temperature-controlled, but they do not check on humidity, which can also damage your valuables. Therefore, to prevent probable damage, opt for humidity-controlled storage units.

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