Is there such a Thing as Too much Art?

art storageWhether you’re an avid collector of fine art or like keeping a snazzy collection of prints, having too much art in the home can be a problem. If you are downsizing or find yourself over cluttering your walls, you might need to minimize and store your personal art collection. If you are in need of a service like this, consider using one of our art storage units.

While our Storage Units vary in all shapes and sizes, they are all exclusive and isolated. You won’t share a space with anyone which gives you complete control over your area. Now when you are looking for art storage specifically, you need to make sure that the art is stored in a dry environment, with no sunlight impacting it, and depending on the value, you’d need it to be protected. Xtra does all three.

Why Xtra provides perfect Art Storage Units

storing artAir Conditioned – With 70 degrees as the ideal temperature, Xtra maintains these conditions all the time. On top of that, we also keep backup generators to maintain these conditions even during power outages.

Soft Lighting Only – The Sunlight will cause the paintings to fade over time. To combat this, we suggest wrapping your paintings tightly in a cloth surrounding. Additionally, we only use soft lighting for our storage units, and this will keep the light impact as minimal as possible.

Protected and Secured – We keep security on the site during normal operating hours. We also have alarm systems and 24/7 video monitors in place to ensure that no burglars can pilfer your valuables.

Xtra Storage Units

Xtra Storage has been providing high-quality storage for several years. Countless people have entrusted us with their belongings, and we always keep them safe. So if you have an art collection, it would mean a lot to us if you let us keep it safe for you. If you’re like to learn more about storage services and prices, give us a call today!

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