If you have a small house, you may not have the space you need to properly appreciate all the art you’ve bought or created. In this instance, our Miami self storage provides an excellent opportunity: you may choose to cycle various pieces of art in and out of the house, ensuring you keep everything safe while also being able to keep your living space looking fresh and interesting.

That said, art is valuable. Sometimes it’s valuable financially, other times it’s valuable because of its aesthetic qualities. Either way, you want to make sure you’ve protected your art from thieves and the vagaries of time. Below, we’ll give you some pointers on how you can preserve your art while it’s in a storage unit.

How Should You Pack Your Art to Ensure Its Preservation?

Aside from the financial value of the art, which will depreciate if it’s not properly maintained, you also need to consider the joy that the art brings to you. The last thing you want is for the art you paid for, or worked so hard on, to get ruined in storage.

There are a few things you’ll want to do to ensure the art keeps its pristine condition. First, you want to make sure you’ve removed as much dust as possible. How you clean the art will vary based on what you’re storing. Sometimes it’s enough to use a cloth, but some paintings can also benefit by being dusted with a soft brush. If you choose to use a brush, make sure it’s both dry and clean!

If you didn’t create the work yourself and you have any questions about how a particular piece should be cleaned, it’s advisable to speak with the seller of the piece.

Once you’ve cleaned the art, it’s time to ensure it isn’t exposed to the elements. This probably means wrapping it in plastic or cloth. You may want to keep it in extra wrapping during the transport, in case there are any issues while you transport the piece to your storage unit.

Once your artwork is properly stored, don’t forget about it! If you’ve wrapped a piece, moisture can cling to it over time. By periodically taking it out and cleaning it, you’ll ensure it doesn’t get ruined by moisture.

What Kind of Storage Unit Does Your Art Need?

The most important rule of art storage is also the simplest: you should keep it in a temperature-controlled room. This is especially important in Miami, where heat and humidity can quickly wear away at a piece. Your main concern here should be to make sure the storage unit has AC.

Your storage unit also needs to be secure. The level of security required will probably vary based on the value of the piece. If you created the piece yourself or it’s of minimal value on the market, security cameras and a personal lock should be sufficient. The more the piece is worth, the higher the level of security you’ll want.

It may also be worth insuring the artwork.

Want to Store Your Art in Kendall?

If you’re looking to store fine art, we recommend looking into specialty art facilities as we are not equipped to handle the special needs of extremely valuable pieces in this area. However, if you simply need to store some of your art during a move or renovation, we are happy to help!

All of the units in Kendall’s Xtra Storage location are equipped with air conditioning. As well, the combination of your personal lock and our security system ensures the safety of your art.

We’re located just North of the Falls Shopping Center off of Galloway (87th Avenue) and 129th Terrace. We are a large, multi-colored warehouse that spans most of our block. If you’re ready to rent out a space, or you have any questions about self storage in Miami, don’t hesitate to call us at (305) 257-8925.