Various storage companies accommodate many different types of people and their specific needs. The best businesses adjust to anyone, so they can attract new customers and keep loyal ones happy for years! Our units range in size, price, and visibility. We are more than your average storage company because we pride ourselves on value-based business and personal interaction.


You’ve heard of specialty moving and the care that certain items need to be stored correctly. Although storage doesn’t have the same requirements to maintain quality, it doesn’t hurt to take an extra step. We are in the heart of the art district in Miami. Every year, when artists flock to Wynwood for Art Basel, they need somewhere to keep their masterpieces before showcasing them, and we’re the company of choice.

College Students

When people are in college, more often than not, you’ll need to purge some unnecessary items. However, those family hand-me-downs and heirlooms need to be kept safe from weather, and the limited space in your home. We offer specials for college students, allowing them to have a reasonable amount of space way under their budget! With our smallest units starting at $25/month, affordability has never been this good!

Wine Collectors

People who love to collect international wine, and socialize within that world need a place to keep their cases safe at all times. With our vaults, clients are signing up for escort service, stable conditions, and utmost care. Each client must set an appointment when they want to withdraw a bottle or case from their vault, so our senior employee will have enough time to discard it from the shelf carefully. Customers with any budget or number of bottles feel like they’re part of a private club.

Xtra Storage

The most significant part of how we’re able to be successful within this industry continually is due to the various accommodations we provide to our customers, previous and new. We never waiver on our promises, and we’re honest from the start. If you’re ready to utilize one or more of our units, please give us a call today at (305) 257-9307.