The most typical and optimal climate for storing the majority of belongings is around ~70’s degrees with low humidity.  When kept constant, this can ensure the base average for an optimal climate. This is closest to the average room temperature that many items are designed to have a prolonged use for.

But what does it mean when we say that it is optimal? What exactly happens when you store certain items at sup-optimal conditions for storage?
Digital thermostat being used

Items affected by Poor Climate Conditions


Firstly, electronics of any kind can have a problem if left in poor climate conditions. This has to do with high degrees of variance in temperature or high humidity.  Either of these can leave lingering dew and precipitation on the device, which can erode the circuits and short the electronics over time.

Fine Materials

Next, fine materials are a substance that is prone to be degraded from poor climate. Whether you are storing something with leather, silk, plush, or anything in between, fine materials are something that needs to be properly stored and protected.  Cold weather can fray the edges and materials on leather and plush while humidity can cause the leather to sweat and plush to clump.


Finally, collectibles. Coins, stamps, postcards; you name it. If you are in the collectible business, you should already know that storing your belongings in plastic and concealing them in a safe area is commonplace. But the next step you need to take is to ensure that the climate overall is balanced. High heat or humidity can still trap moisture within a plastic confinement.air conditioner system isolated on white. 3d

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