You need to keep several factors in mind when renting a storage unit. Essentials such as safety, location, cost, ease of access, and size should play a significant part in deciding the service provider.

Finding the right company can be tricky, but specific guidelines can help you make an informed choice. Here, we give you a low-down on the four essential things you should consider to find the right-sized storage unit.

Identify your purpose

You need to decide why you need the storage unit. Ask yourself all sorts of questions to determine the user intent. These should help:

  • Will you use it to store a car or a motorcycle?
  • Or to keep inventory for business expansion?
  • Is it temporary?
  • For how long you would need it?
  • How frequently would you want to access it?
  • Answers to these questions will help you ascertain your requirements and expectations, allowing you to choose the kind that best fits your needs and budget. For instance, if you plan to store business merchandise or a car, you need a large unit. But if you want to use it during relocation, a small space should suffice.

    Create a list

    Once you know your purpose, create a list of what you plan to store. It should be a flexible, workable list. You should be able to add or remove things as per your changing needs. But make it comprehensive. Look around, assess, research, and jot down all the tasks and things you need to buy, pack, store, or throw. Please make a special note of all the furniture you wish to put in storage as they occupy a lot of space. Try to take the measurements of the large pieces. It will help you decide the right size of the storage unit.

    Create a makeshift storage unit

    To determine the storage unit’s size, try to put all your stuff in an open area to see the space it’d need. This makeshift storage unit will help you better visualize your need. You can use your driveway or any space in or around your home. Use masking tape to mark off an average unit’s size. Then place a few empty boxes there. It will tell you how many boxes such storage units can accommodate. This method is especially beneficial if you want a small storage unit.

    Choose a unit bigger than your needs

    Renting a small space to save money can do you more harm than good. Overstuffing a storage unit can damage your belongings. Moreover, it will leave no room for you to move around and access your things, making it difficult and time-consuming every time you want anything.

    Do not pile heavy boxes on top of one another. It would help if you didn’t stack furniture either. Therefore, choose a unit one size bigger than you think you would need. It will cost you more but will ensure that your things are safe and give you easy accessibility.

    About Xtra Storage Companies

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