If you are a college student, you know how tedious it is to pack everything you have collected over the semester to empty your dorm room. It is even worse for those who need to move all of the furniture and other large belongings to their homes in another city. Since you cannot keep your room over the summer break, but you do need all of it when the college reopens, renting a storage unit would be the best choice to make. Not only will it subtract the energy, stress, and expenses, but it also allows you to safely keep your valuables without having to transport them back and forth or selling them.

Here is a college student’s guide to summer storage for you-

How to Choose a Storage Unit Facility in Miami?

When choosing your storage unit facility in Aventura, you may have to keep some things in mind. Here are some considerations to think about-

  • Dimensions: The size of your storage unit depends on what you are keeping in it. If you have furniture, bookshelves, and other bulky items, you may want a bigger unit. But if you only have books from the previous semester, you can also rent storage for textbooks.
  • Climate-controlled unit: Beating the heat in Miami can be tough. When storing wooden, leather, and paper articles for a long time without being used, they can get damaged due to the weather. Renting air-conditioned storage in Miami is the best way to ensure your belongings are safe and undamaged over the summers, and you can use them again later.
  • Security: While as a student, you will not be bringing anything precious to your college and will not keep it in the storage unit over the break, it is still important to know that your facility has security features like CCTV camera, password locks, and 24-hour security team on the premises.
  • Charges: Being a student, you will also want to look for a storage unit at a reasonable price that you can afford. However, you should not go for a facility offering suspiciously lower costs in comparison to others. Make sure your storage facility in Miami has monthly payment options and does not bind you to a long-term contract.

What to Store in Your Storage Unit for Summers?

When it comes to storing your items in a storage unit, there are few restrictions, except the obvious ones that can be a threat to your other articles, perish, are illegal, or damage the facility property. However, make sure you take out all your belongings and divide them by priority. You can also sell some items that are not needed anymore to avoid cluttering. Here are some things you can store in your rented unit-

  • Extra bedding
  • Decor
  • Non-summer seasonal and extra apparel
  • Pillows and blankets
  • Cooking utensils
  • Books and documents
  • Instruments

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