When it comes to storage, the space available is finite; and though one may want to keep everything they have accumulated the option may just not be available at the given time. It is time to part ways with some of these possessions so that more room can be opened up for use. But just because it is available for purchase does not mean it will immediately fly out of your hands. We are here to provide you with five items for easy selling so you can make more room in your storage unit.

Flipping Items for Cash

1. Power Tools – An item that you will always see in demand, power tools are an excellent item for selling purposes. Be sure each piece is checked before the sale, as to be assured before they are bought. By offering a reasonable, and competitive price, they will be bought up in short order.Vintage clothes on sales rack

2. Basic Lawn Tools- Another constantly sought-after item, lawn tools are always needed. Give them a cleaning, use a grinder with a brush attachment to remove rust quickly, and then flip them.

3. Vintage Clothing- With the constant change of fashion, it is only a matter of time before it swings around to vintage attire. This can include clothing from 10 to 50 years old or older. Make sure its condition is good enough for selling. Unlike our previous two items, this is something that may earn you more money than it cost you to buy.

4. Old Canning Jars- A practical item that seems to be a massive craze for everything from serving drinks to using in art pieces. A quick cleaning can score you some easy cash.

Sold wood furniture with marble top5. Solid Wood Furniture- Good furniture is always wanted, and solid wood items are still popular; thanks to their durability and classic aesthetic look. Make sure refurbishing is completed if need be. Smaller items such as nightstands and steamer chests are your best bet in selling quickly.

Xtra Storage Spaces

The Xtra Storage Companies have been providing the best value in air-conditioned self-storage spaces for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on every-day low prices, no extra fees, and are friendly to our clients! We’re a self-storage company but look at ourselves as an extension of your home. Come by for a cup of coffee and a tour — if you would like to learn more about our rates or the sizes of our units, please give us a call today at (305) 677-1483. We offer small storage spaces that would be perfect for a few boxes if you’d like to clear out some dinnerware etc!


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