Storage is Great

Believe us, we know that storage is a great way to save space and remove clutter from your home. But if you are thinking about storing everything in a storage space, you might want to think twice.

Here’s a list of the 4 things you should not pack in storage!

What Should You Never Store?

Perishables – Perishables are food that can expire. While we know you won’t store anything like a bushel of bananas in your storage space, but some people have stored other types of food there before. Items such as canned foods might seem like a good idea due to their expiration dates, but often what goes unseen, goes forgotten.

things to not pack in storagePlants – Fake plants are okay in a storage unit, real ones are not. If someone gives you a plant as a gift and you think it’s fake, make sure before you put it in storage. Plants will die very quickly in storage due to limited airflow and no sunlight.

Caustic Materials – If there are any items you think could be considered caustic or poisonous, take them somewhere else. Anything from used and new batteries to simple salycic acids has affected our storage units, and we don’t want it happening again.

Certain Construction Equipment – Some Construction Materials are okay and recommended to store for the long-term (see our companion blog here.) But there are a select few construction items that you should leave at home. Anything with a motor is ill-advised for storage due to possible drops and oil leaks. Additionally, anything that is yardwork related and not properly cleaned before being brought in could also be harboring foreign invaders, from ants to other small insects.

Tires – Tires are big, heavy, burdensome and can both stink up the storage units and stain your belongings and our building.

never storeGas Powered Items – Similar to caustic materials and construction equipment, if it has gas, you should keep it away from your other belongings.

Medicine – it’s in bad taste to try and store medicine or antibiotics in storage. Similar to why you don’t want to store perishables, they can go bad, and the adverse effects are not desirable.

Xtra Storage Spaces

Xtra Storage spaces love helping our customers with all of their storage needs. If you would like to learn more about our storage services and/or our policies on certain items, don’t hesitate to call us today!

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