Welcome to our blog! Self-storage has become increasingly popular over the years as people try to declutter their homes and apartments. 

However, for some individuals, a self-storage unit is not just used for storing extra belongings or seasonal items; it becomes a place to store bizarre and unexpected things. 

From creepy crawlies to priceless treasures, you won’t believe what we have found while helping customers clean out their units.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at 14 of the strangest things people have put in self-storage. Get ready to be shocked and intrigued by these unusual items that were deemed too important (or weird) to keep at home. 

So let’s dive in and explore the curious world of self-storage mishaps!

1. A Human Skull Found in a Storage Unit – The Creepy Story Behind It

In one of the most unsettling incidents, a self-storage unit in Florida became the temporary resting place of a real human skull. The discovery was made by the unit’s renters, who were understandably horrified to find such a macabre memento amidst the more mundane items.

The story behind this chilling find is as bizarre as it is grim. The skull reportedly belonged to the previous renter’s grandfather. A war veteran, he had brought it back as a peculiar, and far from ethical, souvenir from his time serving overseas during World War II. The grandfather had passed away, and the family had no idea about this unsettling keepsake until they decided to clear out their deceased relative’s storage unit

The authorities were immediately informed about the find, and the skull was taken into custody for proper handling and burial.

2. Live Alligator Guarding a Cache of Guns and Marijuana

In perhaps one of the most bizarre finds, a self-storage unit in California was discovered to be home to a live alligator. The reptile, measuring approximately 8 feet in length, was not alone in the unit; it was reportedly guarding a stash of marijuana and firearms. The police promptly seized the contraband, and the alligator was safely relocated to a local zoo.

3. A Collection of Space Station Memorabilia

Another quirky discovery was made in a storage unit in Ohio. The unit contained an impressive collection of space station memorabilia, including NASA space suits and a 200-pound airlock. The items were traced back to a former astronaut who had been storing his unique keepsakes. The space memorabilia was subsequently auctioned off, attracting avid collectors and enthusiasts of space exploration from around the country.

4. A Stolen Van Gogh Painting

In what could be a plot straight out of a Hollywood heist movie, a stolen Van Gogh painting was unearthed in a self-storage unit in Amsterdam. The painting, titled ‘The Harvest,’ had been missing for over a decade before it was found. The valuable artwork was returned to the Van Gogh Museum, where it now continues to intrigue and mesmerize visitors.

5. An Unopened Burger King Whopper From 1967

One of the more unusual items to be found in a self-storage unit in Michigan was an unopened Burger King Whopper from 1967. The sandwich, still in its original packaging, was surprisingly not decomposed. It had been stored as a memento by an ex-employee of the fast-food chain.

6. A Live Missile

In a potentially dangerous discovery, a live missile was found in a self-storage unit in California. The explosive device was still in working condition and was promptly removed by the bomb squad. The story of how it ended up there remains a mystery.

7. Thousands of Unopened Happy Meal Toys

A self-storage unit in Florida was found to contain thousands of unopened McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. The collection, dating back to the 1980s, was auctioned off and fetched a handsome sum from a keen collector.

8. A Diamond Necklace Worth $2 Million

A diamond necklace reportedly worth $2 million was discovered in a self-storage unit in London. The necklace had been left behind by a wealthy businessman who had forgotten about it and let his rental period expire.

9. A Handwritten Poem by Jimi Hendrix

A self-storage unit in New York was a treasure trove for music lovers, containing a handwritten poem by legendary musician Jimi Hendrix. The poem, penned in his youth, offered a glimpse into the early creative mind of the rock star.

10. A Fully Furnished Apartment

In an unusual use of self-storage, a unit in New York was found to be kitted out as a fully furnished apartment. Complete with a bed, television, and even kitchen appliances, this was an unconventional living arrangement that flouted the rules of the storage facility. It was promptly dismantled once discovered.

11. A Tank from World War II

In a self-storage unit in London, a fully operational tank from World War II was discovered. The vintage military vehicle had been painstakingly maintained and was in working condition, much to the astonishment of the storage facility staff.

12. A Crypt of Mummified Cats

A storage unit in Florida revealed an eerie collection of mummified cats. The previous owner was a known collector of ancient Egyptian artifacts. The authorities were contacted to ensure the cats were handled with respect due to their historical significance.

13. A Vintage Ferrari

A storage unit in California was home to a vintage Ferrari, left untouched for years. The car, a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, was found in pristine condition and sold at auction for a staggering sum.

14. A Lock of Abraham Lincoln’s Hair

Finally, in a self-storage unit in Massachusetts, a lock of Abraham Lincoln’s hair was uncovered. The hair, preserved in a locket, was confirmed as authentic and auctioned off to a collector of historical memorabilia.

Wrapping Up!

From the macabre to the mystical, from the valuable to the peculiar, these stories spotlight the fascinating world hidden within the confines of self-storage units. They emphasize not only the diverse range of items people choose to store but also the unexpected narratives and histories that underpin each object. 

So, next time you’re considering a self-storage unit, remember that it’s not just a space for your unused belongings, but a potential treasure trove of stories waiting to be discovered.

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