“International Wine Storage offers you a safe, convenient, reasonably priced wine storage alternative.
International Wine storage offers you the solution to your wine storage needs.

THE HISTORY: International Bonded Warehouse and Storage Warehouse Company have served the community since 1941 and 1928. International Wine Storage is housed in International Bonded Warehouse in downtown Miami, with easy access from I-95. It is the only public wine storage company in South Florida.

THE FACILITY: A secure vault was created expressly for wine. The cellar temperature is maintained at 57 degrees with 64% humidity. A gas-powered generator ensures these conditions even during power failure. Special shelving was installed to subdivide the vault into many separate spaces. Each shelf can support 1,000 pounds and holds exactly 18 standard wooden Burgundy cases. Customers can rent as little as ½ shelf.

THE SERVICE: Given the importance of security, no one is permitted to enter the wine vault unaccompanied, and 24 hour advance reservations are required. Properly packed wine is brought to our facility by the merchant, the customer or a third party mover. Our employees count, label and shelve your boxes. When customers wish to retrieve a case or cases, they simply call 24 hours in advance. The specified case(s) of wine will be ready when the customer arrives. For your convenience, we are open seven days a week. Remember, to give you better service, wine business must be scheduled the day before you come in !!!

THE MISSION: Our goal at International Wine Storage is to offer the best wine storage facility at a reasonable price. In the past we have found our service to be of great benefit to both the sophisticated wine collector and the knowledgeable wine merchant.

“We maintain perfect conditions for the storage of fine wines.”